Hi, we build Drupal websites. We are VUS.


Getting a website built or indeed building your own using sites like Wix is pretty easy these days. Finding someone who listens to your business needs and then designs a website that fits your brief, represents your business and adds value to your business is not so easy.

I have been doing just that for over two decades, working for all types of businesses from startups to multi-nationals such as Toshiba UK, Microsoft, The Gym Group, Cartoon Network and Coty Inc.



I got involved in the web back in 1995 when I first started tinkering with building websites in notepad and framesets and scrolling banners were all the rage. Things have changed a little since then and I setlled on using Drupal about 10 years ago.

I have been building web solutions in Drupal since version 5 and have picked up some valuable knowledge along the way. Drupal is a very flexible content management system (CMS) allowing you to "configure" a site through the use of modules to do pretty much anything. If there isn't a module that adds the feature you want it can be built as a custom module. in my time with Drupal I have built websites with the following features: eCommerce, membership websites, forums and online communities, interfaces to various CRMs and VOIP systems, community coting platforms and much more.

Drop me a line if you have a wesbsite you need sprucing up or building from scratch.

Kevin Elliott

Drupal member for over 11 years

Drupal profile: https://www.drupal.org/u/kevster